Hello, my name is

Chris Cooke

Developer & Musician

About me

I am a computer programmer based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a rich experience of over 10 years in Health IT & building Public Health systems and a passion for Irish Music.

I design simple solutions for complex issues.

With years of experience in Health IT I have built and maintained systems for clients ranging from single provider doctors offices to large health systems and Departments of Health and Human Services. 

In 2007 I started working in Health IT by implementing and supporting Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Practice Management as well as running a Health Data Exchanges. I’ve spent the last decade working specifically with Case Management, Mental Health and Public Health. 

What I do

I pride myself in being able to understand complex issues and creating simple solutions to address them.

DevOps Architect

I currently work as a DevOps Architect where I have mainly focus on Build Automation, Reporting and improving the Application Life Cycle of our products through Microsoft DevOps.

Microsoft Dynamics D365

I started working with Microsoft CRM over 15 years ago and have been working with every iteration from CRM 3.0 up to the latest D365. I have a deep understanding of the system and really enjoy working with it.

Full Stack Developer

I work on both front-end and back-end development. While I primarily work with the Microsoft stack I also have many years of experience working on the LAMP stack and I do my best to stay up to date with the other relevant stacks.


My Experience


Harris Public Health

Dev Ops Automation Architect

The focus of my job is to automate the repetitive mundane tasks to free people up so they can be innovative while the automated processes carry on the routine work in the background. I still work heavily with Microsoft Dynamics 365 but after the acquisition of CoCENTRIX by Harris Public Health I now have the opportunity to work on the software development for a number of public health systems including Harris CCP, VHN and Epitomax.



CRM Developer - Team Lead

My focus was on assisting our development and implementation teams in creating and deploying products to our customers. As part of this role I developed and maintained the continuous integration processes for our CRM solutions as well as built tools to streamline the installation, customization and management of CRM deployments. I worked closely with the QA team and administer the Dev and QA environments. In addition to maintaining our internal servers I created VM images that were self contained CRM environments which our developers ran from their own laptops. Because of my vast CRM experience I am regularly called upon to help our customers with performance optimizations, resolving solution import errors and assist with other complex CRM issues.


Relevant Automation

CRM Developer

I worked on CRM development doing R&D projects and building custom applications to meet clients' specific needs. A large part of that work was building integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with various ERP systems and other external data sources. I was also involved in all aspects of CRM deployment from installation, customization, data migration to supporting the client after go live.



Call Center Manager

I was in charge of the Call Center and reported directly to the Vice President of Provider Services. I ensured that all issues that were reported were handled professionally and resolved in a timely manner. As part of my job I oversaw a Health Information Exchange (HIE) between 5 Local hospitals and 2 national labs connecting health care providers with the information they need to provide the best service. I also acted as a liaison with Software Companies, Hospitals, Labs, Data Centers and Data Clearing Houses to ensure that all Service Level Agreements were met. I worked with our strategic partners on new cutting edge technologies and was involved with HealthCare initiatives like Medical Home and Quality Reporting.